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Originating in Thailand, muay thai is a form of martial arts that has become one of the most played combat sports in the world. It has been gaining popularity among martial arts because it combines boxing and kicking in one swirling melee. What more? Muay thai, unlike other combat sports, is not street combat but has a proper fighting arena. So, if you are searching for a place to learn and master the art of Muay thai, you can always count on 905 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But what equipment is required for Muay Thai? Moreover, this topic will be discussed in this post.

Most people think that muay thai and kickboxing are the same. However, they are both different and have different fighting techniques. The biggest difference between kickboxing and muay thai is the fighting technique. Kickboxing is a four-point striking system, while muay thai is an eight-point fighting system. In addition, Muay thai uses punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Whereas kickboxing only uses fists and kicks.

Essential Gear For Muay Thai 

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned practitioner; you will require the below-mentioned gear for muay thai.


The first and foremost important thing you should include in your gear is gloves. You will need something to protect your hands during a fight, right? Although you will find gloves in the gym, you must buy your own.


How would you like it if you showed up in the muay thai gym in trousers or gym shorts? That’s right, the last thing you want is to show up in a club wearing uneasy or wrong clothes. Muay thai shorts are different from other types of shorts as they have enough room in the thigh and groin area for better movement.

Mouth Guard

No matter how experienced you are as an athlete, you must wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Remember that you should always invest in the boil-and-bite kind of mouth guard. What more? You will need a mouth guard to protect your teeth, so getting a custom one is unnecessary.

Ankle Wraps

Since you will be using your feet for kicking and swift movement, it is highly recommended that you opt for ankle wraps that help support your ankles. You might not consider them an essential part of your gear, but trust us, if you need extra support, you need to grab yourself a pair.

Hand Wraps

Did you know that your hand is made up of 27 tiny bones? Well, you need to protect them from injuries, don’t you? This is why you need to include a hand wrap to cast your hand to ensure that your fingers or wrist do not move while you punch.

Shin Guards

Since you will be getting hits from your opponent, you also need some protection on your shin. You will find various sizes of shin guards in the market, so it is always a good choice to try them before you buy them.

Optional Gear For Muay Thai

Comfortable Clothes

Most pro athletes prefer to train in shorts because they feel comfortable. Therefore, choosing comfortable clothes is one of the top things you want to consider when buying muay thai gear.


Trust us; no one would like to get splashed with sweat during working out. However, if you sweat a lot heavier, you must have a towel to wipe yourself down during the rest interval.

Gym Bag 

Where will you be keeping your gear after you’ve completed your workout? You need a spacious gym bag to help keep your stuff in. Most people hate carrying a gym bag, but you shouldn’t be one of them.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Gear

Using the proper-sized equipment throughout training will always allow you to maximize your performance. The investment will be well worth it, and you will see a huge difference in your overall performance. Just keep in mind when you buy muay thai gear that the quality of the things you purchase are high-quality and the right size.

Wrapping Up 

There are many reasons why certain items are designed the way they are; all of them help you perform and practice certain techniques exactly as they should be done. While many aspects of Muay Thai training can be completed while wearing traditional fitness clothing, there are many reasons why certain items need to be added. If you want to use Muay Thai as your primary form of fitness training, we advise you to invest in your equipment.

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