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905 BJJ personal growth, discipline, and resilience, promoting physical fitness and mental sharpness, contributing to holistic self-improvement and progression.


905 BJJ enhances fitness through rigorous training, blending strength, flexibility, and endurance, ensuring a dynamic workout experience for practitioners.


905 BJJ emphasizes nutrition's vital role, guiding practitioners toward balanced diets, enhancing energy levels, performance, and overall well-being for optimal training.


905 BJJ instills confidence by teaching self-defense skills, fostering resilience, and creating a supportive community, empowering individuals both physically and mentally.

Martial Arts Experience at 905

905 is Aurora’s leading martial arts club due to the ultimate blend of experience and environment. Our martial arts classes are hosted by experienced trainers in the combat sports industry. They instill strength, discipline, and confidence through martial arts. We cater to various age groups and experiences. Call now to get a 30-day free trial. 


One Month Free Training

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    Top Martial Arts Facility In Aurora

    The environment at 905 is welcoming, safe, and fun. This will help even if you are a novice or a seasoned practitioner. Our martial arts programs are crafted with care to achieve your fitness goals and physical strengths.

    Our academy features a spacious and well-equipped training area with high-quality equipment and safety measures.

    These measures guarantee your safety as well as comfortable training. Whether you’re working on striking techniques, grappling, or forms, our facility has everything you need to enhance your martial arts skills.

    905 martial arts training encompasses all disciplines. Our Martial Arts Academy in Aurora stands out for its premier offerings. The professional team and seasoned martial arts instructors make us the first choice for many.



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    30 Days Free Training

    Muay Thai & Kickboxing

    Professional Martial Arts Community

    The main reason we offer a free 30-day trial is to engage you with our martial arts community. We have supportive and inclusive practitioners that help boost individual skills.

    This welcoming environment creates friendships between lots of like-minded sports individuals. Training partners motivate each other daily and boost your growth. It is the key to becoming a skilled martial artist.

    Martial Arts Training Classes

    905 always aims to provide skillful programs for all individuals. These programs will help those individuals to show their true potential. Such physical training leads to better mental health with proper routine advancement. The classes for adults prioritize character development and anti-bullying techniques. 

    For adults, we emphasize self-defense and physical fitness. We address everyone’s unique needs. Each course is structured with a blend of technique training and conditioning exercises. This approach assures skillful learning for all.

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    Why Choose Us In Aurora?

    Each of our instructors at 905 is a highly skilled martial artist with years of hands-on experience and a deep passion for martial arts. They are passionate about teaching the principles and techniques of various martial arts styles in a safe and supportive environment.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert in Tae kwon do, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or another discipline; our instructors will guide you on your journey to mastery.

    We Focus on Personal Growth​

    Martial arts training goes beyond mere physical prowess. It instills values like discipline, respect, and perseverance. Additionally, it emphasizes self-control. Our adept trainers have mastered many individuals with these principles. They are dedicated to nurturing these qualities in every student. This dedication aids in building both confidence and resilience. Furthermore, it fosters a positive mindset. Such a mindset extends beyond the mat into daily life.

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    Martial Arts Journey with Expert Guidance

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